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Circuit Court / 1880-1885 / - Circuit Court in Peshtera was opened with Order No. 241 of 21.11.1880 of Ch. Governor Aleko Bogoridi / 1822-1910 / with the appointment of Angel P. Goranov as Judge of the Peshtera District. After him the district judge is Georgi S. Madjarov.
Circuit Court (1934-1944) - After the coup of May 19, 1934, the Peshtera Peace Court became Circuit Court. Detained magistrate Tsanko Baldev (1893-1977) became a district judge, but in 1935 he was transferred to the Haskovo Regional Court and then to Sofia. In his place was appointed Ivan Ikonomov. Ivan Pastukhov, who in January 1939 was transferred to the Burgas Regional Court, is the judge of the district. The place is occupied by Aleksander Tsonov of Pazardzhik. In 1942, Atanas Hr became District Judge. Muletarov / 1894-1978 / from the town of Peshtera, a long-time bailiff at the same court.

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